A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting a man who turned my SL upside down.  He grabbed my attention, and never gave it back.  It all started with one very random and Very odd Facebook conversation.  We both fought against it at different times, but I know I couldn’t deny that electricity, that spark.  Even now with both of our lives in Chaos in RL, not leaving us with much free time to spend together, all I really want to do is hear that voice in my ear.  For my Birthday he gave me a heart, but he has had mine for a while now :).

Oh you and I, we had it from the start
an undeniable, indescribable spark
a feeling out of our control
stronger than we’ve ever known

under your skin
running through my heart and back again
just one touch. one kiss
i’ve never felt anything like this

oh it pulls you close, it pushes you away
It’s a magnetism we can’t escape
it’s there when we fight and it’s there when we love
baby its just what we’re made up of


EverAfter Ambrosio


Ever’s Fashion Credits:

Body and Applier:  Maitreya – Lara  /  WoW Skins – Sabrina (Available @ TWE12VE )

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica  /  WoW Skins – Sabrina (Available @  TWE12VE )

Hair:  Truth – Azalea

Ears:  Mandala – Steking Ears

Dress:  Kendrasy Creations – Street Dress

Pose:  DB Poses – Kiss The Hell Out of Me

Sim:  Our Home… pretty isn’t it?


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