I had a busy day today, and spent my morning running around like a chicken with my head cut off…. but when I got home and began looking at the news, I saw that today History is Being made here in the US.

Normally I would spend the day taking a picture with no other thought than is this pretty?  But today there are issues that are more important than fashion, SL or blogging.

This year in the US there have been 148 mass shootings…. that’s this year alone.  There have been 24,816 incidents of gun violence, and only 762 of those were defensive.. THIS YEAR ALONE.  269 children  under the age of 11 have died from gun violence.   It’s not even July yet!  My Children don’t have tornado drills.. they have lock down drills, where they have to hide in a bathroom, or a supply closet and practice being silent.  I have a 6 year old who thinks this is normal.

Today, members of the House of representatives have had enough.  Democratic Senators from around the country have staged a sit in in the House of representatives, demanding a vote on a gun control bill.  They are claiming they will not leave until there is a vote!  Let’s support our Representatives!

If you Demand Action Text Demand Action to 644-33 and tell your representative you will not stand until something is done!  I did!

EverAfter Ambrosio


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