Dirty Pretty: Being a Woman in 21st Century America

This morning, as I sat down at my computer to catch up on some blogging this song came on since I tie all my blog posts to music.  And it got me thinking about how even in SL we tie so much into our looks.  A woman today in RL has certain expectations of beauty.  You must be thin, you must have good hair, you must have clear skin, no scars, no flaws….. and even in a world where we can literally be anything we want to… we have those same beauty expectations.

In SL we look down at those who don’t have mesh bodies or hair.  Turn our noses up at system clothes wearers, and those who haven’t updated their avatars past the basic look.  We laugh at those who choose body types more in line with their natural RL selves, and ridicule those who pick unnatural shapes that you could never achieve in RL.  Nothing is ever good enough for everyone.  I’m even guilty of having the what was she thinking conversation with my best friend.

From now on maybe we should actively think about why we choose to look the way we do.  Does it make us happy, or do we think it will make someone else happy?  I applaud those of us who have the guts to go against trends and be themselves.  Be yourself!!  Not who society thinks we should be.. have flaws!  Be perfectly imperfect!


EverAfter Ambrosio

Dirty Pretty.png

Fashion Credits:

Body and Applier:  Maitreya – Lara  /  Hush – Miranda

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica  /  Insol – Inesa

Hair:  Truth – Grecia

Dress:  Sugar Bunz – Halter Dress Dotty (Available @ the Addicted to Black event)(Website)

Boots:  [Breathe] – Astrea Boots (Available @ Shiny Shabby)

Pose:  Exposeur – Mystic Doorway

Sim:  My Home 🙂



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