I Am the Fire….

No one can get through this life alone.  Secondlife is no different.  If you are lucky, you will meet that one person who becomes your rock.  That person who Supports you when you need to be held up, who pushes you when you need to be pushed.  That person who listens when you need to talk and screams with you when you need to scream.  That one person who takes one look at you and utters just one sentence that makes everything better, “Who do I have to hurt?”  If you are lucky you meet one.

Arashi and Ever

Wow that is an old picture.  I was lucky enough to meet this woman years ago, and she has stuck by my side since.  Through thick and thin.  Through falling in love and breaking up.  Arashi has been the rock bedrock beneath my feet.  She pushed me when I needed it, slapped me when I was freaking out, and always, always had my back.  More times than I can count has she picked up pitchforks for me to fight beside me in my battles, and I did the same for her.  She is what a best friend should always be.  If it wasn’t for her constant cheerleading and subtle shoves I would not be the person I am today.

Arashi is heading into a new chapter in her RL.  And I am so happy for her.  She deserves all the happiness she can squeeze from this story we call life.  I hope she knows that she is the fire…. and because of that she has made me the confident person I am today.  Love you Arashi…. and only happiness is waiting for you!

Burning Higher.png

Fashion Credits:

Body and Appliers:  Maitreya – Lara  /  Wow Skins – Kassie (Available @ Designer Showcase June round)

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica  /  Wow Skins – Kassie (Available @ Designer Showcase June round)

Hair:  Truth – Velma (Available @ The Vintage Fair)(Link coming soon)

Jacket and Shirt:  MMC – Lauren Jacket (Available @ Phat Fashion Fair 6/7 to 6/12)

Jeans:  Blueberry – Pizza jeans

Shoes:  [Breathe] – Evelyn Heels

Pose:  Exposeur (in world store is closing and having an 80% off sale!!!)



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