A Day of Remembrance

Here in the US, the last Monday in may marks Memorial Day.  For most it is the unofficial start of summer, celebrated with cookouts, family BBQs, swimming, and other summer fun.  For others there is another meaning behind the day, one that the current generation may not be learning.

Memorial Day, began in 1868 as Decoration Day by the Grand Army of the Republic, has historically been a day of remembrance.  A day when we honor those who have died serving our country.  So this year, between flipping your burgers and spraying the hose on the kids, pause for a moment to give a heart felt thank you to those Husbands, Fathers. Brothers and Sons, to those Wives, Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters who have, are, and will be paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we can burn our bbq in peace and have the freedom to fire off our fireworks in our own backyards.


EverAfter Ambrosio

Memorial Day.png


MadPea – Mad Hot Summer Party (Set available @ the Arcade opening June 1st)

Set includes so much more than is shown.. it is truly huge, with a special texture change hud given away as a 50 pull prize exclusive!


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