Happy Birthday to You….


My favorite thing in SL is Poses.  I love to play with the poses, find new poses, mold my pictures around awesome poses.  So when I was chosen to log for the New Pose Hope event I was so excited!  And that didn’t change when I started opening the fantastic poses sent out by the designers involved in this awesome event.  However when I opened this pose I was stumped.  How am I, a curvy Adult Avatar, going to blog a child’s pose?  So I gathered together my wonderful SL family and enlisted their help!

Many people in SL have families.  I was blessed with mine by osmosis.  I never had the inclination to have an SL Family, I have one in RL why would I want the hassle in SL?  But I was so wrong.  Our Daughters are the best.  When I need a smile it’s like one of them knows, and always ims with a hug or a joke, or just something silly.  They aren’t always little.  Most of the time they are beautiful, talented young ladies with SL lives of their own.  I am very blessed to have them in my SL.  And they are stuck with me now!


EverAfter Ambrosio

I huge ninja hug and a big Thank you to my daughter Brittany Beeks for her help with this blog!

Birthday Girl.png

Fashion Credit:

Pose:  P.O.S.E – Happy Birthday

Dress:  Baby Pie – Perla Dots N Flowers

Sim:  My Home 🙂



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