Summer Dreams

Spring is heading out like the lion it always is here in the south, though every so often we get one of those perfect sunny days where you can just manage the humidity and the sky is that perfect shade of blue.  It reminds me of when I was in school and could taste summer vacation right around the corner.  Today was one of those days, even better since we were blessed with a cool breeze just nice enough to let the windows stay open and the AC go back off for another day.  I keep getting reminded that life is like that.  The rain doesn’t stay forever.  The oppressive heat goes away.  The sky turns blue again and you can spend the clear summer evenings on your porch with a glass of sweet tea.  We have to savor those times, they get us through the rain.

Today I was honored to be selected as one of DaD’s new bloggers!  So in honor of summer, I started of with a photo featuring their new release, The Sweet Dreams Cottage.  Decorating is not my forte, but it was easy to look at this porch and see where I want to spend my summer evenings.  Perfect for a large porch swing to cuddle up on.  I think I might just have to keep this around.  Ohhhh Mattttt….. time to redo the sim.


EverAfter Ambrosio

DaD Sweet Dreams Cottage.png

Featured Items:

DaD Design – Sweet Dreams Cottage

Floorplan – Hanging Love Seat

Cheeky Pea – Louis’ Star Lantern

Bazar – Traveler Plant 2

Sim:  My Home 😛



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