Who I Used to Be….


This life is hard.  It has twists and turns, surprise ending and unseen plot twists.  The person we were 10 years ago does not exist anymore.  Can you remember the person you used to be?  I can barely if I try hard.  I dreamed big, and trusted blindly.  I loved without fear, and gave myself without a second thought.  Life hadn’t yet knocked me down and taught me those hard lessons we all have to learn.  I hadn’t yet been broken, disillusioned,  disappointed by those I put my faith in.  But if we can remember then there is hope that we can regain just a bit of what we lost.  If we look hard enough in those people who fight to be part of our lives we can find it in ourselves again, the love, the trust, the joy, the sunshine…


EverAfter Ambrosio

Spring Flowers.png

Fashion Credits:

Body and Appliers:  Maitreya – Lara / Hush – Miranda

Head and Appliers:  Catwa – Jessica / Glam Affair – Mona

Hair:  Truth – Kera (Available at The Epiphany)

Crown:  Moonstore – Without My King

Dress:  American Bazaar – Lexi Love Dress (Available at On9)


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