Playing With Fire

I wish the video was better… but it’s not yet, so here are the lyrics…… just listen….

I know I should let it go
Take a different road
When I’m driving home
But I don’t want to

Delete your number from my phone
Instead of calling
Asking if you’re all alone
But I don’t want to

Stay away
From your side of town
But it’s too late
I’m in your drive right now

I don’t know, why I don’t
Put it out baby
We kiss and the flames
Just get higher
But yeah I know
When I hold onto you baby
I’m all tangled up in barbed wire
I get burned, I don’t learn
I’ll be back, give it time
Yeah, I know it sounds crazy
But guess I like playing with fire


EverAfter Ambrosio

Playing With Fire.png

Fashion Credits:

Body and Applier:  Maitreya – Lara / Hush – Miranda

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica / Glam affair – Mona

Hair:  Truth – Roux

Lingerie:  La Perla – Corset Alana (green)



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