Feeling Dangerous


We all know, have known, or will know someone who pushes our buttons, pushes us to the edge, makes us lose all control of our sense of self.  If this is a good or a bad thing, I’m not sure.  I know if it’s balanced with a side that builds you up, steadies you, grounds you in the calm moments then it can be a wonderful thing….. Here’s to all of our inner Dangerous Women and the ones who let her loose…


EverAfter Ambrosio

Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman 2

Fashion Credits:

Body and Applier:  Maitreya – Lara / Hush – Miranda

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica / Glam Affair – Mona

Hair:  Truth – Lyric

Mask:   MadPea – The Gatherer Mask  (available only at We Love Roleplay April 2016)

Body Suit:  MMC – Claire Bodysuit (Available @ Phat Fashion Fair )

Shoes:  Glamistry –  ECHIUM Heels


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