Vous devez être aimé

There are so many places I have wanted to visit.  My list is long, and varied.  Unfortunately my RL finances tell me the only place I will be visiting anytime soon is the park down the street.  Paris has topped my list for many years.  To stand on one of the famed bridges, to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to stand on the beach where so many lost thier lives to protect us…. those are among the wonderful things I dream of doing one day.  I have faith that I will make it one day in the future.  For now I can visit in SL and enjoy the beautiful sim.  Here’s to Paris….


Ever After


Fashion Credits:

Body and Applier:  Maitreya – Lara / GA.EG – Kirsten Body Skin

Head:  GA.EG – Adriana

Outfit:  MMC – Marry Outfit

Shoes:  Glamistry – Angelica

Hair:  Magika – Love Song

SIM:  Paris Je T’aime

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