Learning to Play the Game

Whenever we play a game the first thing we do is learn the rules.  These cards are worth so much, you can run around the bases if you don’t get tagged, and if the ball doesn’t go in the hoop you lose.  Simple right?  The problem is, in life, people keep changing the rules.  No one wants to share exactly how you are supposed to play.  If you treat people how you want to be treated, what do you do if they trample all over you?  Is turn about fair play?  What about revenge?  Just who has the rule book and why won’t they share?


Ever After

Learn to Play The Game.png

Fashion Credits:

Body and Appliers:  Maitreya – Lara / Hush – Miranda

Head and Applier:  Catwa – Jessica / Glam Affair – Mona

Hair:  Truth – Austen (available at Uber dec 25th)

Jacket:  Addams – Susie Closed Hoodie

Shirt:  Addams – Sirena

Shorts:  Addams – Epiphany

Shoes:  Reign – Thigh High Sneakers

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