When Dreams Take Flight

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks.  With back to school stuff in RL, helping to open a new Club, Grabbing up new DJ slots, and the beginning of the Dating process again.  I can’t seem to find time to sleep, breath, or even dream.  But Dream I do.  And it’s a beautiful thing when your dreams take flight and grow wings of their own.  Those of you who really know me, know that Photography is not only a passion in SL it’s my RL passion as well.  I take great pride in my photos in both worlds.  This week that pride paid off.  I am excited to announce that I will be one of the Showcased artists for the month of September at the Windlight Magazine Gallery.  Yes I am insanely excited and on a whirlwind photography blitz trying to get ready.  I hope you all come out and enjoy me and the other wonderful artists.

Della blog Della Blog 2

Fashion Credits:

Body:  Banned – Dea

Skin:  Hush – Miranda

Hair:  Exile – Memory Bliss (available at Collabor88)

Dress:  Kellis Kreations – Della (comes with sandals not pictured)

Shoes:  Glamistry – Echium


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