The Social Club

Over the past year I have been involved in a club in a variety of ways.  I started as a DJ, was promoted to a Manager, was the only one left standing after drama threatened to close the place.  The short story is that I have fought long and hard to keep the club running through its numerous incarnations and moves.  From its start as Daddy’s Apartment to its new form, The Social Club, I have been there to support and help it grow.  I find myself one of four owning Partners now.  We have merged with another established club and the future looks bright.

The Social Club 2The Social Club 5

The beautiful landscaping, done by Mr Gooch Benetto, will inspire you to great artistic heights, while the fun and carefree atmosphere with make you want to sit and stay for a while.

The Social Club

Along with the usual club activities, we offer 7 seas fishing, open mic night, story time, movie night and much more.

The Social Club 7The Social club 3

We are currently hosting a featured artist each week.  This week’s artist is Pretty Pixels.  Her art work is on display in the club lounge area.  Come by and see it for yourself.  You can even arrange to buy it if you want to take it home.  On June 6th we will be holding a Pirate Event with a grand prize of a profile picture done by our featured artist.  Make sure you come by and join us.  You don’t want to miss out!

The Social Club 6


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