Seaside Dreams

Seaside Dreams

My SL has been full of changes lately.  I found myself one of two partners in a club, trying to juggle RL, SL, blogs, photography, fashion, DJing, friends, lovers, enemies….. there is not enough time in my day.  I wish I could get everything done that I need to and still have down time to enjoy.  I’ve decided to make more time for my SL enjoyments.  That means changing my Blog so that I can do less.  From now on, while I will be adding credits to the blog, it is a photography blog.  I will showcase my recent works and maybe talk your ear off about something I feel strongly about.  This way I don’t feel pressured to get things done in a certain time.  I hope you all enjoy my photography, as that is the true reason I started this blog.



Body – Maitreya

Hair – Magika – Friday

Skin – Hush – Maranda

Dress – Blueberry – mimi


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