Starting Over

Music is a passion of mine, and sometimes I will come across a song that speaks to me.  This song did that for me.  Sabrina carpenter’s “In the Middle Of Starting Over” spoke straight to my heart this morning.  I have been in such a black space for the last few months.  Ups and downs were not even the worst of my swings, try upside downs.  These lyrics give me hope, strength to see myself and the direction I should head in a new light.  Hand me that paint brush… it’s time to start painting….

Alone in a room
Tearing down the walls
Painting over scars and bruises
Now this is home
Fill it up with love
And make the best of something new, yeah

As hard as it seems
I hold my breath and just believe


Ever After

Starting Over

Fashion Credits:

Body:  Maitreya Lara mesh body

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Magika – Friday

Shirt:  Blueberry – Koko half crop mesh top (available at Uber)

Skirt:  Addams – Carola Skirt w/belt (available at Uber)


2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Ever, I feel your pain. I know it’s hard to be just abandoned, no closure, no fight, no explanation. It makes you feel cheap, used, lied to; on top of the hurt, the agony of not knowing if he may even have died or be laying in a hospital somewhere. And then you wonder…your heart feels as if he was right to run, no matter what your head says!

    But truly, his opinion of you is worthless! Did he know you well enough to love you? or was he just a user, taking what he wanted until it got too close, too intimate, or even too hot to handle? Then he uses some other girl with an alt, or in another world, another community. Meh, he’s not worth the heartbreak, girl! Don’t waste the whiskey! *grins* So he left you hanging; spread your wings and move on, make him regret leaving you, show the world you’re too happy to be flung into the gutter! One day, he may develop a backbone. Who cares? it’s YOUR life! Get out and LIVE it!


  2. Thank you Michael. Believe me He does not cross my mind much anymore. This post was about me moving on. I wake up with a smile on my face now, hope in my heart, and I am learning to enjoy myself first and for most, and the others in my life second. I’ve met someone new, and I am determined to enjoy each and every moment of getting to know him. The sun is shining and the clouds have parted. I am looking for that rainbow.


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