Coming For You

Everyone needs something that gives them pleasure even when you find none in your everyday activities.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been blessed with three.  When nothing else puts a smile on my face I turn to one of those.  Music lifts my spirit, photography shines a light on the beautiful, and if those don’t work I exorcise the darkness by writing.  So today, when I woke with tears in my eyes and a frown on my face, I turned to music.  Opening Spotify I discovered that Offspring is coming out with a new album!  Instant smile.  So my inner Rock star is coming out today.  I hope you enjoy the music as much as I am.

Ever yours,

Ever After…

See the shadows marching on
Yesterday’s dreams are dead and gone
Dead and gone
Hear ’em cheering up above
Down below is push and shove
Yeah, push and shove


Fashion Credits:

Body:  Belleza Venus

Skin:  7 deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Spellbound – Warrior

Shirt:  1Hundred – Diva Bodysuit (black)

Skirt:  Blueberry – Lorie Folded Skirt (pink)

Makeup:  Pink Fuel – Glam Lipstick (noir)

A & M – Black Eyeliner (asia)

Pose:  Posesion – Coral 2


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