Ain’t Nobody….

Second Life seems to be a hotbed of illicit passion and secret affairs, but what it really is, is something deeper and more profound than the average person could understand.  Try to explain a second life relationship to your RL friends and you hit a wall.  What do you mean you are dating a person you never met?  Wait you got married in a virtual world?  They would send the men with the little white jacket after you in a blink.  But that is exactly what we do.  We create connections, relationships, and in some instances whole families out of people we may not have met in RL but who are as real to us as the people sitting beside us.  I have a SL Mother, who oddly enough is closer to me than a sister, A SL step father who used to be my Master, and a few friends who I would call sisters before anyone else, RL or SL.  These connections are real, and there is no explaining them.  Whether it be a Sister, a Mother, a Father, a Daddy, a Master, a Husband, a Boyfriend, a friend….. our real lives are touched by these people as much as if they were standing in front of us.  If we open ourselves to the possibility of a connection, our lives, both SL and RL are the better for it.


Fashion Credits:

Mesh Body:  Belleza Venus

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Truth – Wren

Dress:  Beautiful Dirty Rich – Azteca V.3

Sim:  Dabb


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