Worth Every Penny

So many times we get wrapped up in someone else’s idea of our own value, we forget our own worth resides not in what other’s think of us but in how we feel about ourselves.  Travelling around SL can be like crossing a mine field of other people’s issues, values, and ideas of self value.  We have to remember to judge ourselves based on ourselves, not those people who only strive to bring you down.  I have this friend, every time he comes online he sends me a message, just a simple line, “You know what you are worth?”  That simple statement, sent from someone who has no ulterior motives behind his words except to boost my self worth, reminds me every day that I am worth it.  Maybe you need that boost, maybe you have the chance to boost someone else?

Worth it worth it 2

Fashion Credits:

Mesh body :  Belleza Venus Body

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Magika – Lemon

Bodysuit:  Precious – Bodysuit 1

Skirt:  Blueberry – Lorie folded Skirts (black)


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