Weekends normally mean slowing down and taking time to relax, but not in my house.  It takes twice as much time to do anything on a weekend than it does during the week.  Voices are loud, no one is ever quiet, and time on the computer is limited.  So in the small amount of time I was able to steal away from my RL this weekend, it frustrated me beyond no measure that I could not get to The February Fameshed event, no matter how many times I tped, how hard I clicked the mouse button, or how often i attempted to sneak over across the sim lines.  I was able to cam up to the sales area and get a sneak peek, but that only made me more desperate to get up there and start shopping.  Yes, I can admit it, I have a problem.  They say that admission is the first step to recovery, so now can i start shopping?


It was only today that I was able to sneak into Fameshed and steal away with some of the gorgeous items on offer inside.  designers such as Reign, Junbug, Bueno, Cheeky Pea, Coquet, Consignment, Mina, and many many more have come together to offer exclusive items available only at Fameshed.  It is hard to get into the sim at times, so plan your shopping trip wisely and remember to shop with as few scripts running as possible to cut down on load time and lag.  Happy Shopping!

fameshed1 fameshed2

Fashion Credits:

Body:  Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Mina – Peggy (available at Fameshed)

Dress:  Cracked Mirror – Sweetheart Dress (available at Fameshed)

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