Out of the Woods


We all have our reasons for being in Second Life.  I have met survivors of domestic violence, rape, and assault.  I have met people with severe depression and debilitating shyness, people who felt left out in real life, left behind, and  people who were physically limited or home bound.  I have met people who just felt more themselves when behind a screen.  Whatever reason we have for being in Second Life, we are all equal once we log in.  The person with the extreme shyness who could not stand in front of a class and give a report is suddenly the star DJ.  The bed bound woman who dreams of dancing becomes the star, and the person who never thought they would find love again finds that person who fits with them like no one else.  We might think of this the next time we interact with someone new.  We know our story, but we don’t know theirs.  We are here to enjoy our Second Life, but so are they.  A dear friend of mine once told me, In Second Life we are only limited by our own selves.  Grasp your second chance with both hands and those who mean the most to you, and live like you can’t in real life.

Today’s musical inspiration, Savannah Outen and Jake Coco’s cover of Taylor Swifts Out of the Woods, led me to some deep thoughts of my own experiences in Second Life.  The best music is that which inspires or uplifts you.  we should carry that into all aspects of our lives, both real and second.


Fashion Credits:

Body:  Belleza Venus Body

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – Patience

Hair:  Truth – Esther (Available only at Uber)

Dress:  Blueberry – Rox Sweater Knit dress and Armwarmers in Pixie

Shoes:  KC Couture – Firenze for both Slink and Belleza feet

Necklace:  Yummy – Twinkling Star Necklace – silver (available only at Uber)


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