Happily Ever After


What do unicorns, fairy lights, handsome men, and pretty princesses have in common?  They can all be found on the sim I am writing about today.  Daddy’s Apartment and Babygirl Beach first began it’s SL as a completely different type of sim, but inspiration struck and out of the imagination of the sim owners, David and Rachel Silicon, the new and improved DABB was born.  While some who are unfamiliar with the lifestyle might misinterpret the build of this beautiful sim, those who are know that it is not about underage play, but about the feeling of being protected and pampered that draws people to this sim.  I do not condone nor promote underage play of any kind in or out of SL, and neither does DABB.


Who hasn’t wanted to live in a fairy tale cottage, to dance among the ruins, and play alongside unicorns.  This sim is a Babygirl paradise come to life.  Dabb offers secluded cuddle areas, discussions, shopping, and a club area with the best DJs in SL (I might be a little biased).  They also offer a fully stocked 7seas fishing area complete with the occasional fishing competition.  The scenery at DABB is enough to draw you in, but stick around and you will be sure to be hooked.


My musical inspiration today was Misterwives – Kings and Queens.


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